What Happened to the News?

Once upon a time, the news was the news. There was no slant. No political agenda. No garbage to sell advertising. It was fair, impartial, balanced, and trusted. Journalistic integrity was paramount, and if a story ran, you could damn near take it to the bank. Today, there are things like this photo taken by one of the administrators at Survive the Streets: A Page for Cops:


How is this impartial? How is it fair? It is a news network jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of ratings. It’s shameful. Gone are the days when journalists could be trusted to deliver the news without bias.

It may seem like this post is biased itself, since I am using a liberal-leaning news agency as my target. That’s just what got me today, though. There are plenty of examples of Fox News doing the same, albeit on the side of the right. Does journalistic integrity exist anywhere?

My answer may surprise you. In 2011, I was fortunate enough to travel to Tanzania for a safari. While there I discovered Al Jazeera. Admittedly, I was very skeptical of the network. All I had ever known of it was that it posted various terrorist propaganda videos, or so I’d heard. As I watched it, I found myself glued to the television. There was no bias, just direct reporting on the facts of the news. It was the most refreshing thing I had ever seen in regards to the news media. I was pretty shocked. I was also saddened by what our news has become. Al Jazeera gave me the facts and allowed me to come to my own understanding and conclusions. It allowed me to think critically without influence. It gave my mind exercise. My experience with it begs the question, how can we get our news media back there?

6 thoughts on “What Happened to the News?

  1. This made me feel a certain way… I guess shock that they would buy into this type of news reporting. Then again after being on the job for quiet a while, nothing should shock me.


  2. Living in Canada, I have the opportunity to watch news programming from both here and the USA on cable TV.
    American news tends to be sensational, celebrity-driven and even shockingly stupid.
    For example, Fox News recently theorized the metric system was to blame for the Air Asia crash off the Indonesian coast.
    How is that even possible?
    Most of the world with the exception of the USA uses the metric system every day.
    Americans are sadly being misinformed by their own media and it is shameful.
    It really comes down to ratings.
    More viewers means more money for a network and ultimately for its shareholders.


  3. Nailed it! It’s insulting when mainstream media decides the viewers aren’t smart enough to come to their own conclusions. What’s interesting is I’m seeing a lot of these sentiments over the past few weeks. Pretty sure we’ve all had bellyful of unethical journalism.


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